The Makeup Bullet

The secret of amazing makeup is flawless blending! If you are used to using conventional cosmetic sponges to apply makeup you are adding unnecessary time to your makeup routine by putting them down and picking them up throughout your application! When using The Makeup Bullet™ you’re essentially using your finger!... which cuts down your time in the mirror and adds to the control you have in applying your makeup!

Because of it's patented design, The Makeup Bullet™ gives you increased speed, accuracy and precision above other sponges. It's pointed tip is able to reach even the most challenging areas where precision blending is key to achieving a more polished look such as the corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose and cheek bone area if you are into creating dimension through highlighting and contouring! 

The Makeup Bullet™ can be used dry or damp, is washable, hypo-allergenic and latex-free. Please refer to instructions for best practices for use and care